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My name is Adina Risdayanti and you can call me Adina. One thing that you have to know is I'm not Krisdayanti's daughter. lol. I don't know why my parents give "Risdayanti" as my last name. Maybe, several years later, I will be a success diva with great voice like KD. hahaha

I was born on Surabaya, 03 December 1995, which means I am 18 years old! I do love people who loved me and I thank God because I have family which always be ready to help me whenever, however, and whatever the conditions.

I am a student on faculty of dental medicine Airlangga University, Surabaya. It means that I am a dentist will be. May Allah blesses on what I have decided to focus on.

I love blogging, blogwalking, writing, reading, watching, walking, cooking, sewing, and many more. I love chocolates cause it can reduce stress' level. I love foods but I wanna have a slim body haha. 

And last I am perfect in my imperfect world :)

Wanna know me more?
You can contact me by seeing "Let's Peek the Author" Page.

Nice to meet you.
much love,
Adina Risdayanti

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